Why there will never be another ‘Siskel & Ebert’

the hell you say!

i really want to disprove this. and i will. me and my girl friday. her name is luciann and she’s awesome. she was my movie buddy in college. i have had this dream, this idea, this concept of a movie review show where we are atop the Westin in downtown ATL. it take place on the Sundial, which is the revolving restaurant atop the glittering soda can shaped building. as we discuss, the skyline of ATL moves behind us. awesome, right?! and it would so work. you know why? quadrants! we would hit all demographics of viewership. we would get both genders and both main ethnicities. we’re both still pretty young so i think we could get that all important 18-49 block because me and her together are pretty cool. well, we’ve probably gotten a little rusty with time and distance and families, but i think we could pick up pretty quickly where we left off. i had a name for the show, but it escapes me.


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