i’m sick of “HOST”-ing the “DIVERGENT GAMES”

i blame you, “I AM NUMBER 4”!

how much more dystopian garbage of color corrected prettiness and bland acting are they gonna shove down our throats and at our eyeballs with these YA novel adaptations? YO HOLLYWOOD, THESE MOVIES SUCK, BRO!


sure you can go to the craptacular dung heap that was Twilight, but those have the fantasy bent. that’s a whole ‘nother can of worms for another time. i’m sticking with these forward looking futures of BIG BROTHER and ORWELL and FAHRENTHEIT 451 run amok and these super, shiny buttons of people that have latent superpowers and are tasked to lead some sort of rebellion that is just too much for them. OH, THE HUMANITY! gag me with a spoon, dude. from the I AM #4 to THE HOST to HUNGER GAMES to THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS to now this DIVERGENT drivel, i’m about to lose my damn sci fi mind.

here’s a tip, HOLLYWOOD. vary the model. maybe the product is starting to suck because you are making it the same cookie-cutter, whitewashed way. every friggin time. just a thought.


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