i could use some (MORE) NEED 4 SPEED

i could use some (MORE) NEED 4 SPEED


so yeah. i was pleasantly surprised. in the wake of Fast&Furious mania, i didnt think any other movie with cars going really fast would be able to bring anything new or exciting to the table. i was wrong. but this only applies to the genre and movie as a whole, the concept, the delivery.

aaron paul doesnt bring any more charisma or dimensionality to the role than any other grease monkey/racer before him. all i could see was jesse pinkman with a steady, blue collar job and a little more fire and passion. his ragtag group of compatriots is nearly a carbon copy of the F&F multi-culti supporting cast. i didnt buy dominic cooper as this bad ass pro racer. at all.

but the thing that makes me think there is a future for the series (or maybe not since 1st weekend BO was only 17 mil), well could have been a series, is the balletic carnage that, although rooted in reality, still seemed off the wall bonkers. whereas F&F goes for unrealistic, over the top shenanigans increasingly in every movie, N4S seemed to still root high flying, rip roaring chaos in reality, even though the stunts were insane. i dont know if that makes sense. the crashes felt unrealistically….real.

you obviously check yer brain at the door on fare like this. and i wouldve been happy losing my medulla oblongata repeatedly for 2 hours for vehicular insanity like this.

but seriously….900 horsepower? i say, “hot dayum!”

this flick gets a KEWL BEANS (3 STARS)


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