i kinda dont want Liam Neesons to ever stop kickin ass and takin names.


so yeah. kinda late on this one, but WTH, right? we all love to see DARKMAN getting medieval on somebody’s butt. i cant figure out why its so crowd pleasing for this old dude to be going JASON BOURNE on the baddies. this isnt new territory for the actor really. he’s been doing it since the aforementioned comic adaptation and also memorably, in ROB ROY.

the movie itself covers no new ground, its all been touched on in everything from PASSENGER 57, EXECUTIVE DECISION, AF1, FLIGHTPLAN to RED EYE. neeson is solid and no nonsense as ever, but julianne moore comes off as annoying and HELL ON WHEELS protagonist Mr. Bohannon, Anson Mount, is nearly unrecognizable. i didnt know it was him till he spoke.

i will say this. i saw a hint, a twinge of something that bordered on boredom with nesson. i dont know if it was the role specifically played that way in particular of simply tired of maybe pigeonholing himself in what could arguably be TAKEN 5. c’mon, you know UNKNOWN, THE GREY and this felt like just another chapter in the TAKEN character’s life. i just know i like him doing what he does, but i want him to have fun so that i can have fun in the process.

so officially TAKEN 3 is on and neeson is back. to take some of the load off and change it up a bit so we dont get series/franchise fatigue, the daughter needs to become even more hardcore, like join the CIA like dad and save him again, but with more spook and tradecraft badassery, mom fanke jansen needs to step up and go balls to the wall or we bring in neesons team, who we have only seen fleetingly, take up arms and save the whole family….BUT THEN THEY NEED TO STOP THE TAKENS. no seriously, that premise has a shelf life unless it gets larger than life.

like DIE HARD.

which it wont.

but dont get it twisted. neesons has fallen on screen before. his QUI GON JINN got his life “TAKEN” by a sith lord in EPISODE 1. oh, how soon we forget….


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