CIRCA 1998
CIRCA 1998



and while i’m on the subject…..WHERE THE FRAK IS BLACK PANTHER OF THE AVENGERS!

ok, breathe, lemme reign myself back in.

how are we this far into AVENGERS lore and not even touched on him? cap’s shield? wakanda? really? no one has asked where this iconic shield comes from and how it was made and how it withstood a direct hammer strike from THOR? thats not eating at anyone? seriously? black panther is a founding member is he not?

hopefully in CAP 2, THE WINTER SOLDIER, he will break it and now they have to get another one so they have to go to africa and introduce him. in a post credit scene of course….

but the question remains, why has black panther remained m.i.a. for so long when his back story and vibranium are so key to cap?

michael b jordan as human torch has certainly ruffled feathers in regards to the source material. and i can dig that. but if the fanboys (of which i count myself) want studios to stop stunt casting black people in traditionally white comic roles, i got a suggestion:

gives our fucking black superheroes so we can leave yours alone!!!!

where is the SPAWN reboot, where is LUKE CAGE (big screen status, not ol NETFLIX bullcrap, but i guess i’ll take it) and give us john stewart as GL in JL movie. i mean, there arent that many out there with any name recognition.

anyway, let me get off my soapbox before i slip, fall and bust my ass.



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