man. this movie is heavy. not DOC BROWN heavy, but MARTY MCFLY heavy. and the crazy thing is, its nothing we dont know or havent heard before. as far back as 1968 with HAL, TRON in ’82, WARGAMES in ’83, TERMINATOR in ’84, D.A.R.Y.L. in ’85 we have been forewarning ourselves of the inherent dangers of making computers smarter than us. but it seems it goes in one ear and out the other.

we will be the makers of our own undoing. through technology. its up there with death and taxes as certainties of existence. we human being will undoubtedly destroy ourselves or at least get ourselves in a heap of near insurmountable trouble….by our insatiable need to be lazy and have computers do things for us. for now, its just “entertainment”. we better wake up. as i have always said (and always will, even as naysayers “naysay” me), movies are just an exaggerated reflection of reality.

the monolithic presence of Apple and Google should be an eye opening harbinger but were just too busy enjoying all the toys. SIRI, GOOGLE GLASS and AMAZON drones will lay waste to us before we even look up from scrolling FACEBOOK.

The movie tugs on all these threads and of course by the 3rd act, it all falls apart because the center cannot hold. In our altruistic need to solve and cure everything, morals and integrity frequently get lost in the stew. those scientists are a pesky nuisance (hey lets bring back a healthy alien embryo in Ripley and Newt) and they got the God complex going on and they get blinders on to the world.

and thats basically what it all boils down to. we get tunnel vision in whatever we want. and we gotta stop just for a second and consider the good with the bad. in our quest for AI, we will allow our inventions to outthink us and surpass and maybe even adopt our ways of doing what it feels is best. its really kinda lose/lose. a machine has a program construct of right and wrong, no gray, so it wont empathize with us and do what it deems necessary, protocol wise. and if it happens to think like us, whose to say that wont clash with logic based parameters. damn thing would go nuts…..on us.

it seems that after taking too many trips to the funny farm, depp is much more believable being a low key human being. rebecca hall is just annoying as the woman who cant see the forest for the trees, paul bettany needs to go do something off color again like his albino assassin psycho in THE DAVINCI CODE, cuz he’s sleepwalking through these kinds of roles now.
morgan freeman as well. he’s stagnated in this wise professorial roles with ties to the govt (CHAIN REACTION anyone?) kate mara just seems like she’s still playing Zoe Barnes from HOUSE OF CARDS, she’s kinda boring. the score is good and so is the cinematography. speaking of which, chris nolan’s go to DP acquits himself nicely in this prescient cyberthriller.

SKYNET is coming. and of course it will be an app we downloaded because we are the stupidest smart people ever to surf the web.


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