IDK man. I wasnt feeling this one. Usually i like SPIKE JONZE stuff, but this one felt more SOFIA COPPOLA to me cuz it literally had the same feel, mood and tone as “LOST IN TRANSLATION” and JOAQUIN PHOENIX was just taking scar-jo’s place as the wanderer. These movies where the milquetoast protagonist is just socially maladjusted and weird just for the sake of it (DON JON, THE MASTER, aforementioned L.I.T., LARS AND THE REAL GIRL) piss me off. How many times can they milk this formula

These dudes, just need to cowboy up and get over there ex or whatever. And everyone around them coddles them. No one pulls a CHER and slaps the crap out of them to get their mind right. They spend, and HER is no exception, the movie, just meandering aimlessly and looking wounded and melancholy. Its a debbie friggin downer and i’m surprised a i made it through the movie.

There was a big deal made when this came out that SCAR JO deserved an oscar nom for her vocal prowess at the voice of the os. I call flag on the play. She wasnt that awesome. Hell BRUCE WILLIS as the baby in “LOOK WHO’S TALKING” was better, BRADLEY COOPER as ROCKET in “GOTG” was more memorable. It literally sounded like scarjo was in her jammies reading the script.

The one upside was the movie had a great score/soundtrack.



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