This show has by far been the most surprising of the summer. This is basically the new WALKING DEAD or WALKING DEAD for vampires. The most recent episode at the gas station. Classic. Just took it to another level, TWD level. Loving this show and its weird cuz before it came on i wasnt even checking for it. But it has been very rewarding. The gore factor is high, so if you cant handle “TWD” level of violence, this show aint for you.

The show is by GUILLERMO DEL TORO (HELLBOY) and its basically the movie “BLADE 2” but like if BLADE didnt save the day and the events of that movie continued to play out. The vamps kinda look the same; im just waiting for THE DAYWALKER to step out and cause some carnage. At any rate, this show is a sleeper. If you arent watching it, you need to get on it doggonit!



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