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The is one awesome under the radar sci fi flick. I remember it having so many release date issues and being done for awhile and no one wanting to touch it and i dont know. I think there were budgetary concerns too. It looks like every penny was well spent to me. Its all on the screen.

Set on a train in dystopian times of, of course, a global cataclysm, it drops you right into the story of the have and have nots on this speeding train where there is a very unfair caste system in place, much like our class warfare of today. It speaks as an allegory to the 1 and 99%. It has a gritty, dirty, soul sucking atmosphere of say, “DISTRICT 9”. But CAPTAIN AMERICA has a plan and its ambitious and it dangerous but they’re sick of this crap cuz they been at the back of the proverbial train for years.

The action is intense and nearly unrelenting. Its just a great all around movie that has you rooting for the righting of wrongs, but when all is said and done, the cost may be too high, a pyrrhic victory in the truest since of the word



This movie was brutal as hell. On par with the first as far as carnage and mayhem, but all the different types of blades that were used made this one bloodier. A lot bloodier. This is honestly one of the most violent movies in my recent movie watching history. Nothing in American cinema comes close. QT’s KILL BILL, but that was cartoonish, over the top hyperbole and meant to be so. The BOURNE franchise’s fights were about as close as we come, but the blood was minimal, just bone crunching.

I’m talking man a mano, hand to hand, close quarters fisticuffs. This thing is bonkers with the stuff. The kind of fights and moves and finishes that make you physically jump in your seat and yell out in phantom pain are rampant. and awesome. and disturbing. I guess only in Asian film market can you get this gnarly, cuz i cant remember a US movie this dizzying in its realistic bloodletting outside of our boxing movies. and those are staged, so….

a friend of mine said if THE RAID was DIE HARD 1, then this is DIE HARD WITH A VENGEANCE cuz its more open and they go more places. I find that analogy very apt. Even though the protagonist is a badass, this one had him being more superhuman than I would have liked. He seemed to be able endure more and more with no real downtime for healing in between fights. That stretched credulity just a smidgen. Even hard cases need a reboot and refresh, even if its nothing more than a combat nap. The human body has a limit, but i digress.

I just get worried the savagery is so original and exhausting that i fear that if they do a third (which they prob wont cuz the B.O. is pretty bad) then they will run out of ways to make me grab my own neck and make sure its still securely there. I would hate for series star, Iko Uweis to flame out like Tony Jaa did. Maybe those two should get together and fight each other with their respective styles of team up and fight some US heavy. That would be a way to breath new life into their careers.

Just a thought.

RAID 2 gets a SHIBBY (4 stars) for what it knows it is and for not pretending to be anything it isnt; just hardcore knuckle busting, no holds barred action.



a 5 mil opening weekend from the Austrian Oak. who would ever thought the day would come?

i mean, i guess every star’s luster begins to fade. and arnie had that scandal a few years back. but i think its more than that. he started his solo comeback last year with THE LAST STAND. it was pretty violent and it made very little money. ESCAPE PLAN was more Stallone’s movie, a revamped, souped up, half assed, slapped together, techno modern TANGO&CASH. but that movie as well, was pretty brutal in its prison culture sadism. now this fails too?

and this is the best out of all his comeback movies thus far due to the awesome direction of David Ayers. his movies are mean (TRAINING DAY, END OF WATCH) harsh and full of gritty bloodlust. and i like that. but it seems, with the exception of the EXPENDABLES, which runs on the memory lane nostalgia of 80 and early 90s action icons and their movies, its like America has had her fill of testosterone fueled, adrenaline junkie madness. for awhile we had the thinking man’s action hero in JASON BOURNE, but since his absence, all we really have left is Jason Statham in generic dreck and Liam Neeson as the as the poseter boy (MAN) of “old dude action” .

speaking of testosterone, i must give mireille enos a standing ovation for stealing the show, the movie and nearly every scene she was in. after the mousey, bland wife she played in WORLD WAR Z, i almost forget she was the same person. she is electric in this movie, a live wire. she is a key component of the third act finale of the movie, a car chase that is one of the best i’ve seen in years. because of the over the top, balls to the wall action, SABOTAGE gets a 4 star SHIBBY just on general principle.

if AHNULD wants that old thing back, to get back the thrill, which is seems is clearly gone from the fans, may i suggest something much simpler to please us. reach back down into that well of movies that need a sequel and dont have one and give us TRUE LIES 2. i’d be there with bells on.

how bout you?

SABOTAGE, for me, goes extremely raw, hard and uncut.

makes me wanna hit the range, like right now. where’s my gun?



CIRCA 1998
CIRCA 1998



and while i’m on the subject…..WHERE THE FRAK IS BLACK PANTHER OF THE AVENGERS!

ok, breathe, lemme reign myself back in.

how are we this far into AVENGERS lore and not even touched on him? cap’s shield? wakanda? really? no one has asked where this iconic shield comes from and how it was made and how it withstood a direct hammer strike from THOR? thats not eating at anyone? seriously? black panther is a founding member is he not?

hopefully in CAP 2, THE WINTER SOLDIER, he will break it and now they have to get another one so they have to go to africa and introduce him. in a post credit scene of course….

but the question remains, why has black panther remained m.i.a. for so long when his back story and vibranium are so key to cap?

michael b jordan as human torch has certainly ruffled feathers in regards to the source material. and i can dig that. but if the fanboys (of which i count myself) want studios to stop stunt casting black people in traditionally white comic roles, i got a suggestion:

gives our fucking black superheroes so we can leave yours alone!!!!

where is the SPAWN reboot, where is LUKE CAGE (big screen status, not ol NETFLIX bullcrap, but i guess i’ll take it) and give us john stewart as GL in JL movie. i mean, there arent that many out there with any name recognition.

anyway, let me get off my soapbox before i slip, fall and bust my ass.