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Ok. Now we’re cooking with gas! Much better season opener than season 1, but of course it could only go up after having to set it all up first. The action scenes were pretty badass; it really seems like they were taking their cues from “The Winter Solider”. The flow of action and movement seemed a lot smoother.

The Absorbing Man seems like hes gonna make a nice antagonist for the team. This may seem like a foregone conclusion, but Coulson really needs a super on his team, at least one. Otherwise its gonna get real old quick that they can always barely get away from a big baddie. A gave it a pass last season, not this time.

Its been 24 hours so….(spoiler alert!)……….

That twist with Fitz/Simmons actually threw me for a loop. Thats messed up. But like i said before, the epicness quotient is way up, especially after they stole that Quinjet and had the firefight on the tarmac. Lets keep it moving, keep it fast and loose. But seriously…..The team….It needs some backup.





I’m hooked enough to keep watching for the duration. I’m a sucker for comic adaptations of anything. I liked the mood, feel and drizzly, dirty atmospherics of the show. As one critic astutely pointed out, the pilot owes a lot to the movie, “7”, and they are right. Seeing Ben Mackenzie’s Jim Gordon running like a whirling dervish reminded me of Brad Pitt’s David Mills down to the leather jacket and bandaged hand.

Mackenzie as Gordon is gonna have to find a balance between tightly coiled menace and some semblance of controlled and measure calm cuz as of now, he just looks like his character on “Southland” got promoted and moved to a crappier place. He’s still pretty badass though.

That title card and theme music have got to change. Floaty words with police light red and blue. LAMESAUCE.

Donal Logue as Bullock has the build and look, but his voice doesnt sound right as the character. I’m sure it will grow on me as Donal Logue is a good character actor for the most part.

I thought Alfred was a high class Brit. Coulda sworn i heard some cockney or guttural Scottish accent mixed in. Oh well.

The guy playing Cobblepott acquitted himself nicely enough, but the little girl playing young Catwoman is already getting on my nerves without saying a word. Its all her feline-esque posing and posturing. We get it girl. You’re one lithe little minx. Check. But she’s overdoing it.

The surprise for me was of course, Jada Pinkett, as Fish Mooney. Either she was a character that was originally male or they wrote her just for the show. Either way she owns it. I was hesitant after her last show of self righteous smarminess, hospital show, “Hawthorne” but she’s really chewing that scenery and having fun. Good for her. Cuz usually when she acts, she never seems to have any fun.

A great start to the FALL 2014 TV season!